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 Kanchaya Thongkam 001 (5EN) Topic: Digestive System M2

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PostSubject: Kanchaya Thongkam 001 (5EN) Topic: Digestive System M2    Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:26 pm

Unit: Human Body System
- Check pronunciation for “what is Digestive system?” Di-igestib…sys-tem..
- Not “to the..” instead “through the”…and wrong pronunciation of “intestine”.
- During the introduction of the lesson.. “aaand the “nuts” is not an appropriate word. To make it clear, “nuts” is a term for a man’s balls or scrotum. If your intention is to say the bottom part of our body, then use the scientific or medical term, “anus” or the “rectum”. Please be careful of what you are teaching this students esp. with the proper use of the terminologies.
- Be sure that you know what you are talking about, find your reference in a reliable source!
- Pronounce the word “watch” it sounds like “wash”.
- Pronouncing “sponge bob” to “sapange-bob”
- Pronouncing “sponge” to “sapaaanggee” it really hurts listening to the instruction and the students are going to copy it.
- You really have to check all of your pronunciation of words. Most of it are really not for authentic listening for the students.
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Kanchaya Thongkam 001 (5EN) Topic: Digestive System M2
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