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PostSubject: 56010513018 Geohazard   Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:03 pm

Pillar 1 communication

1. Great activity with very good classroom management. Good job with explaining directions and showing good poise with the students that were not understanding at first.

Pillar 2 content

2. Good introduction and to the volcano project.

3. Nice job dividing up the class, good class management displayed here.

4. The moving of the tables started to go wrong at first but great recovery through class management. The directions could have been a little clearer to prevent this.

5. The materials for the project were well prepared. Great job.

6. Nice job with monitoring all groups, again great classroom management.

7. When asking the students what happened at each step get their attention and quiet before answering the question at each stage.


8. Good wrap up. Work towards having the students put conclusions in their own words instead of reading them back to you.


9. To make the video more meaningful give the students 2 or 3 focus questions before showing the video.


10. Good job here talking about liquid. You make the students think about where they see liquid in everyday situations. This is an integral part of teaching them English. Tie the vocabulary back to the lesson in a stronger fashion though. Again this makes long term memory of the English much stronger.


11. One of the most important parts of the scientific process is hypothesis. Before doing each step have the students predict what will happen. This will pay handsome rewards in the future.

12. SAFETY CONCERN: Never hold the container you are pouring liquids in to. This sends a dangerous message to the students.


13. Instead of having the whole class read choose individual students to read. This is better for those that might be struggling with reading and helps with the other students listening skills.

speaking strategy

14. Very good activity. The student participation was very good and very meaningful.

Overall, a very good lesson. Very impressive.

Grade - 91%
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56010513018 Geohazard
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