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 5601051304 the changing of materials

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PostSubject: 5601051304 the changing of materials   Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:09 pm

Pillar 1 sentence auction

1. Interesting concept. The introduction was a little weak. Clearly explain if the students are checking for correctness in grammar or if factually correct. If this game was done prior to the main demonstration the sentences were probably a little difficult. For the concept and the number of groups in the class five examples were not enough to determine a "winning" group.

Pillar 1 touch and go

2. Good job explaining the directions. This was evident in the students being able to follow the directions well. The activity was extremely noisy which might have been fine in an outdoor setting. Make sure you are not disturbing other classes.

Pillar 2 content

3. Number the students within their groups. Call for number 3's to stand up and not "one person" stand up. Remember classroom management. Control the noise a little better.

4. Get a dropper to put food coloring drops into the mixture. A spoon would not be proper science equipment in this case.

5. Good job circulating around the room.

Presentation (the changing of materials)

6. Explain the point of showing the video and provide some focus questions before watching the video.

7. SAFETY CONCERN: when mixing substances the receiving container should always be on the table without fail.

8. Use a dropper to add food coloring to mixture.

9. good visuals

10. For the conclusion have a worksheet for the students to fill in what they have learned.

11. The students really struggled with the word "polymer". When you see this happening turn it into a teachable moment.

Filler words

12. This section should have never been presented to the students. Any experienced teacher should never use the majority of words on that list.

Overall a good effort

Grade - 72%
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5601051304 the changing of materials
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