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 56010513015 plant classification

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PostSubject: 56010513015 plant classification   Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:54 am

Pillar 1.1 Run and Draw

1. Interesting concept. Remember safety first with students. In a classroom with little extra space it's very dangerous having the students "run" to check the words on the wall. Maybe move the desks to the side first before engaging in this activity.

2. Good job with directions. Have one or two students repeat the directions.

Pillar 1.2 Plants board game

3. Once again, good job with the directions. Have a student or two repeat the directions to check for understanding.

4. Instead of using rock, paper, scissors consider using dice. This also brings in a small math element.

5. NEVER say to students "Who is the loser?" It's a quick way to destroy their self-esteem.

Presentation (plant classification)

6. Before showing the video provide some focus questions for the students to make the video more meaningful. While showing the video circulate around the room a little.

7. Good job with the vocabulary. Bring in examples of leaves and plants as possible for the students to examine. Would also help the students in the main activity.

8. Good use of worksheets here and the rest of the lessons as well.

9. Instead of asking the students if they understand have them repeat in their own words to check for understanding. Students will say they understand even when they don't.

Pillar 2 Flowering plants

10. Great activity having the students look for examples of plants in the school yard. Great reminder for them that they had a time limit.

11. Good wrap up with the students. Many students were talking, try to control that by reminding them to respect their classmates.

Grade - 81%

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56010513015 plant classification
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