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 023 Potential and Kinetic Energy

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PostSubject: 023 Potential and Kinetic Energy   Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:36 am

Pillar 1 Communication

1. Good job dividing the students into groups

2. Good having the different groups read the steps.

3. The length of time was a little excessive with having the students stand up to recite the steps. Unless the objective of the lesson was to memorize the steps would be better to spend a little more time checking to see if the students understand the meaning of the steps by having them put the steps in their own words.


4. Good lead in and introduction to energy. Nice examples with the lights and markers.

5. Good presentation on the types of energy. Tell the students they will make the rolling toy to attract their attention. (Maybe this part was not on the video).

6. Good job with having the group read the slides on the screen as they appeared to need the practice. Consider having individual students read from time to time though.

Text 4

7. Good presentation about the word "circumlocution". Could make it stronger by tying it more to your lesson on energy.

Pillar 2 final

8. Great activity!!!!!

9. If the school allows it, use sidewalk chalk to mark out distance. Have students measure the distance their toys travel. Ask the group how the different distances relate to kinetic energy.

!0. Good wrap up with the students. work on having them put into their own words instead of reciting what they learned from the screen.

Overall a very nice job!!!

Grade - 90 %
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023 Potential and Kinetic Energy
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